Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 People / Portrait


  • Photographer
    Timothi Jane Graham
  • Agency / Studio
    Timothi Photography
  • Photo Date

I first met Lexi at the beginning of her medical gender affirmation journey in 2020. At 58 years old, she had identified and lived as a woman for decades behind closed doors. She supported herself and funded her transition through sex work and cleaning nightclub toilets. Like many Trans Women she spent her early years rejected and isolated from family and friends. Apart from her former partner Laura, she still spends much of her time alone. Now at age 60, she has started to venture out, exploring what this next chapter means for her as an out Trans Woman and finding her place in the world.

Timothi Jane Graham was born and raised in New York. Early projects document the Bishnoi people of the Thar Desert in India as well as villagers in Lodtunduh Indonesia where she recorded daily life and ritual. Recent projects include The Inheritance of Memory, documenting the last remaining Holocaust Survivors and an ongoing project she began in 2020 entitled Inversions, focusing on members of the Trans Community. Her work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, F Stop Magazine, Sugar Magazine as well as in exhibitions in New York and Indonesia.