Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 People / Self-Portrait

Lux Colorum

  • Photographer
    Diana Rubi
  • Technical Info
    Iso 100, F/13, 1/320s
  • Photo Date

"When everything seemed white, I could see the colors that light painted in my eyes." Lux Colorum (colored lighting in Latin) is a self-portrait inspired by the human perception of colors, those rays of light interpreted by our brain, but in front of our character there is not only light, there is also pigment, it's a paradoxical visual game. It could be said that we are surrounded by a colorless world, however, our perception changes everything.

I’m a Cuban-born, self-taught photographer and visual storyteller based in the United States. I seek through my photos to capture the thought, human fragility, and its nature through surreal representations that are often an open question that makes you look more than once. My greatest passion is telling stories, not only to satisfy myself but to show others a part of themselves, through universal emotions and mysterious metaphors that fill the gap between visible reality and imaginary vision.