Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 People / Life Style

Artisan Tales

  • Photographer
    Anna Skrypka
  • Technical Info
    Sony ?7 Iii /fe 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 Oss
  • Photo Date
    September 2022

They're making crafts dedicated to enhancing skills, bringing something special into this world – creative energy. They follow their fathers’ footsteps, pursue youth passions.. Right before typhoon Nanmadol, craftsmen in Kyushu told stories. Go Masuda about his karatsu-yaki pottery handmade with love. Shuichi Hirakawa about handmade sea salt crafted in a multi-level salt field in Mataichi no Shio factory by the ocean of the Itoshima Peninsula. And Mitsuaki Ota, who keeps the 100-year old craft of hand-stretched udon alive in Goto Udon Ota Seimenjo in Goto islands.

Anna Skrypka is photographer, creative producer and content creator raised in Ukraine. Passionate about design and architecture, craftsmanship and making things, she moved to Japan in 2010. Her work features game changers in modern world living ikigai lifestyle. She also touches the human–nature relationship topic as well as cultural heritage. With visionary storytelling, she strives to empower creators and innovators.