Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 People / Life Style

La Taquerias: Evening Telenovela

  • Photographer
    Kathleen Gerber
  • Technical Info
    1/8 Sec, F/5.6, Iso 500, Mounted On A Tripod
  • Photo Date

Santa Fe New Mexico is known as being a culinary mecca in the southwest. Last summer I took an alternative culinary journey by visiting the La Taquerias. I found the experience to be extremely rewarding and enlightening. These taco trucks were family run and proved to be a key component of the community throughout the outskirts of Santa Fe. An example is this night scene with the television running and women deep in conversation awaiting thier order.

I have always appreciated photography and began my own journey years ago refining my eye for seeing, respecting, and capturing the beauty around me. I have found myself drawn to photo essays since still photography is a powerful way to translate conditions and experiences between different cultures. I am motivated and dedicated to using my skills as a photographer to tell powerful and meaningful stories that evokes an understanding and/or action.