Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Fine Art / Landscape


  • Photographer
    Jiro Hiraike
  • Technical Info
    512 Sec, F 32, Kodak Tmax100 4x5, Red & Nd Filters
  • Photo Date
    2018, spring

This is a long time exposure photograph. What seems like clouds are people who come and go. Each one was a personal existence who had ones own identity. However, in the flow of time, it had been disappeared. This photograph has no signature of the moment. I cannot tell when this scape was. It maybe 100 years ago or it can be even 100 years later. One who see this vision is released from the binding of time, and see the scape of calm.

I had studied mathematics in the graduate school, and I am working on abstract art. My main theme is the logic of Ku which is the attempt to explain the world and human being existence in Buddhist thought.