Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Nature / Trees

Cherry Blossoms Floating Moonlit Night

  • Photographer
    Akitoshi Nakashima
  • Technical Info
    80seconds F8.0 Iso1600
  • Photo Date

Lake Nakatsuna at an altitude of 825 meters in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The moon on this day is almost a full moon. Cherry blossoms emerge in the moonlight.

I have started photography since 2009. What I mainly take pictures of are various scenery of Japan. Sometimes taking photographs of historical Japanese festivals. Many of my scenery photos are of nature, night views, early morning scenes, waterfront sights, and cherry blossom trees. If the photogenic subject is a natural landscape, I will shoot the same place repeatedly every season like in spring, summer, fall and winter. I go to famous places, but I would rather like to find my own unique places where no one else knows. I would like to continue looking for various scenery in Japan.