Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Architecture / Buildings

Inside of Spectacle

  • Photographer
    Haeil Kwon
  • Agency / Studio

Apartment life, where many people live, makes me feel a little lonely. Perhaps the reason is that the structure of this building is similar to that of a prison. This space is optimized for a large number of people to live in a minimal space. For I do not possess the level of intellect to give a logical account of my social standpoint, I wish to speak through photographs. Spectacles are not mere sets of images; rather, they are the social relationships among the people mediated by these images! Since our modern history was not built upon our willful choices, we have become secularized.

I live in Busan, Korea. I majored in art education. I'm interested in cities, buildings, and architecture. I take photos of cities. My photos is called architectural anatomy.