Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 People / Self-Portrait

Birthday Noodles

  • Photographer
    Priscilla Ong
  • Agency / Studio
    Priscilla Ong Studio
  • Photo Date
    1st October 2021

The concept of birthday noodles was invented about 4000 years ago and made popular during the Tang Dynasty. Chinese in many parts of the world believe that if a birthday person eats noodles on his/her special day, he/she will enjoy a long and healthy life ahead. In this image, I explore the juxtaposition of cultures and traditions (i.e. east meets west, old versus new) that represents my roots and the society I live in. Through this artwork, I hope to inject a little bit of humour and colours in an otherwise challenging era of our lifetime.

A visual artist based in Singapore, Priscilla began her creative journey photographing mostly travel and landscapes over the last decade or so, but has pivoted towards conceptual photography since the pandemic. Her work focuses on colours, minimalism, puns and surrealism. She’s driven to find beauty in everyday objects, with the aim of provoking a smile.