Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Nature / Panoramic

Summer Season Full Milky Way Panorama

  • Photographer
    Zixiong Jin
  • Agency / Studio
    Chris King Photography
  • Technical Info
    20 Hours Stacked, 4 Mins Each Frame, Focal Ratio F4.0, Iso 800
  • Photo Date
    August 2021

I have been shooting deep-sky images for a whole year, and I would like to work on some wide-field images that show the authentic scene of our galaxy. This image is taken with an equatorial mount and an astro-modified camera. I spent a week at a dark site in West Texas collecting data. Stitched with four panels of Milky Way, each panel has 5 hours of data collected. 300 Images stacked in total with software named pixinsight and ptgui. Further details were processed by pixinsight and photoshop.