Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 People / Culture


  • Photographer
    George Tatakis
  • Agency / Studio
    George Tatakis
  • Technical Info
    All Images Shot On Leica Q, No Other Equipment
  • Photo Date
    2015 - 2020

A survey of Greek costumes in the 21st century ​ This work is the evolvement of ETHOS (previous project on local traditional events) and the photographer himself and focuses on female traditional costumes all over Greece. The images are no longer snapshots of non-posed subjects, but the photographer now takes control of the whole scene and direction.

George Tatakis is exhibiting and publishing his work internationally in important institutions and media, such as the Benaki and Fragonard Museums, National Geographic and LFI. His body of work and numbered/ signed print owners are archived at the Benaki Museum. \\ Global representation by INSTITUTE, UK.