Honorable Mention TIFA 2021 Fine Art / Portrait


  • Photographer
    Kouta Takahashi

In 1912, Nobu Shirase, a Japanese explorer, attempted to reach the South Pole on a dogsled, but gave up at 80°05′ south latitude. From that point, the modern-day adventurer Masatatsu Abe pioneered a previously unexplored route and dreams of reaching the South Pole on foot alone. A challenge that transcends nearly 100 years. What motivates them to go on an adventure?

Photographer / Born in Japan, 1986. In 2011, I participated in the Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction support activities, which led me to journey alone around Japan for about five years to study society. I became interested in photography as a means of expressing the "doubts about society" that I felt during my journeys, and began creating works. Since then, she has been holding solo exhibitions and showing her work at art fairs in Japan and abroad, including Tokyo, Paris, and Dubai, starting in 2019.