Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Nature / Wildlife

The Romantic Baya Weaver

  • Photographer
    Alvis Lazarus
  • Agency / Studio
    Wild Photography
  • Technical Info
    Captured In Nikond810 Camera + Tamron 150 600mm Lens (species: Baya Weaver) Location: India
  • Photo Date
    31 July 2016

Baya Weaver romance is epic; the male builds the nest & before completing the tunnel, he would hang like a gymnast and call the female weavers. The female weaver would visit the nest at construction stage & inspect it. She would visit multiple nests before she finalizes her mate. Once she selected her mate, they both complete the nest and make a family. Baya weavers are palm sized birds and live as a colony. Out of all these moments, the most romantic one is the call for romance and the split second moment of female flying in for inspection. After years of wait, captured this priceless moment.