Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Nature / Wildlife

An Astonishing Chase

  • Photographer
    Thomas Vijayan

In one of my visit to Masai Mara, I was just concentrating only on cheetah hunts. So me and my guide we spotted a cheetah and spend the whole day watching it closely. This happened for many days and on the second last day of my trip, this cheetah targeted a small gazelle and started chasing it. This was the same moment when I observed some land portion where the grass was burnt. So I asked my guide to park the vehicle in such a way that if the cheetah comes that way I can capture a good frame. Luckily the cheetah started running towards the gazelle exactly the way I wanted and I got this frame

My name is Thomas Vijayan, I am basically an Architect hailing from Kerala, India also known as God’s Own Country, I was raised in Bangalore and now settled in Canada with my family. I have traveled all the seven continents for photography which is my passion but not my profession. The big cats have always been my favorite subject for photography. To me there is nothing called "perfection" in any photography, every click to me is an experience, the more I click the more I learn something new. I give more importance to quality than clicking pictures in quantity.