Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Nature / Panoramic

Center of The Galaxy

  • Photographer
    Marco Calandra
  • Technical Info
    Panoramic Shot Made Of 11 Vertical Shots With 180° View
  • Photo Date
    28th June 2019

After having studied the position of the Milky Way during the summer months, I decided to visit the Dolomites together with my friends. We departed from the airport of Venice and arrived at the Cinque Torri during the early hours of the evening. From there we began to walk through a small path that would have taken us to the shelter above, the "Rifugio Scoiattoli". As we walked we could see the stars and the arc of the milky way shining above us. The subjects were not few for our compositions: the mastondic towers were set perfectly under the arch of the Milky Way.

Marco Calandra is an Italian-Swedish landscape/travel photographer born in Gothenburg (Sweden) in 1989. His interest in photography starts in 2010 and enrolled the Academy of Fine Arts of Catania the same year. His academic career ends in 2017, with a thesis named "The silent landscapes" achieving again the highest score. In these years, he has grown his portfolio and his photographic experience traveling across Europe, capturing a variety of landscapes ranging from volcanic to snowy lands, from the most famous capitals to some unexplored corners.