Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Special Effects


  • Photographer
    Michael Nguyen
  • Agency / Studio
  • Photo Date

Complete silence is perceived by many people as unpleasant and frightening because of the resulting lack of acoustic orientation in the room. Silence in the sense of a quiet environment can have a calming effect due to the absence of disturbing noises, increase concentration on an activity, performance and well-being. In all pictures of this series Michael Nguyen uses the reduction of color saturation as a stylistic device, in some other pictures he additionally reduces the structure. For him, both emphasize the calm and uncertainty of "The Calm before the Storm".

Michael Nguyen is a “publicity shy” (Merkur daily newspaper Munich) photo artist, a photographic poet who moves away from the mainstream, at the same time blurs genres. "Most of the photos could only be taken because Nguyen has a special eye for his surroundings and gives even the mundane a second view." (Süddeutsche Zeitung) "With my camera, I capture little things that we often don't notice in everyday life. I also like to observe people and photograph them in everyday situations“.