Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Special Effects

Doing Memory

  • Photographer
    Anja Schlamann
  • Agency / Studio
    Anja Schlamann
  • Technical Info
    Camera Obscura, Negativ 18 X 24 Cm, Cyanotype: Tombstones, Gardeners And Gravediggers
  • Photo Date

Our memory is produced by acts of remembrance - the "DOING MEMORY", it is a performative process. An image appears in the here and now, which makes us remember and reveals ourselves in our transience. An astonishing number of people visit cemeteries during the Corona pandemic. Death affects not only the dead, but above all the living - they are places of communication. Do we create our identity only in the act of remembering and what emerges as a picture? An act of remembrance, a new reality emerges, because: "The past is never dead, it's not even past. (W.Faulkner)