Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Landscape


  • Photographer
    Journey Gong
  • Agency / Studio
    Journey Gong Photography
  • Photo Date

California, Summer 2020. This is where the forest begins, where the valley rises into the mountain, and the first kiss is shared. This is where the land ends, where the river meets the ocean, and the lovers say goodbye. This is where nothing happened, everything yet to take place.

Journey Gong is a Chinese American artist who presents his poetic interpretations of cultural landscapes through photography. Born and raised in a factory town in Northwestern China during the Cultural Revolution, Gong moved to the United States as a young adult. The experience of culture shift has had a great influence on his work. Not only does he appreciate the most celebrated, but also cherishes the often overlooked. Gong takes special interest in the drama and composition of his photographs, and the visual excitement of light, color and space. Guided by the creative writing process