Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Abstract

Beach Transparencies: Beyond The Surface

  • Photographer
    Lynn Bianchi
  • Technical Info
    Layered Transparencies; Archival Ink;
  • Photo Date

In these surreal series I work with dimension, layering images printed on transparencies separated by plexiglass, which creates visual depth and gives the work a holographic effect, which is related to how we see reality — as a multidimensional vision, and not a flat surface. I call these images Beach Transparencies: Beyond the Surface. I use plexiglas and photographs floating within separate realities to demonstrate that surface and depth can be joined by perception. I utilize layered transparencies as my grammar. As we walk on a beach we see both what is there and also what could be.

Lynn Bianchi is a fine art photographer and multimedia artist who has shown her work in over thirty solo exhibitions and in museums worldwide. Bianchi’s photographic work has been shown at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography; Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne in Switzerland; Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto among others. In 2011 Lynn began working in the video field and has to date produced about 30 multimedia works. Her most recent projects have been shown at various festivals all over the world, including Tulum World Environment Film Festival, Dallas Medianale, MicroActs and others.