Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Other


  • Photographer
    Piotr Trojanowski
  • Agency / Studio
    Piotr Kt Trojanowski
  • Technical Info
    Nikon D850, 24mm Pc-e, Sigma 24-105 F4
  • Photo Date

Milan, the name of this city has for a long time now evoked different meanings for the Italians. It's the city that grows, twice the rest of Italy; it's the city that welcomes, with a positive migratory flow for a decade now; it's the city of exchanges, with infinite national and international events. We can say that time has stratified a certain myth of Milan as modern Italian metropolis with a global character. This short photographic story was born of the need to transform the background noise and a certain restlessness that accompany the daily life of my city.

Piotr was born in Bytom, Poland, in 1986. He began to photograph when he was 17 years old. Following his education in graphic design and photojournalism he moved to Italy. In 2009 he started to work in Milan in field of commercial photography. In 2011 he won M. H. Kellicut Award. Some his images has been chosen by G. Bonomi to be part of his book “Il Corpo Solitario vol. II, Self-portrait in contemporary photography” (2017). Piotr’s research range between themes related to the investigation of urban landscape, contemporary myths and formal research based on light and movement.