Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Events / Wedding

Wedding In The Slum

  • Photographer
    Eduardo Lopez Moreno
  • Agency / Studio
    Social Photoghrapher
  • Technical Info
    Leica M10, 35 And 50 Mm
  • Photo Date

A young girl gets married in a slum in Surabaya, Indonesia. The family spends the equivalent of the salary of the year to have a fancy wedding and unforgettable setting. I was walking the streets of Surabaya and I heard music and celebrations from a nearby neighbourhood. I walked along train tracks and I reached an unexpected wonderful setting, the wedding of young couple. as I arrived, people were so kind they invited me to join the party and allowed me to take some pictures.

I am an architect, with a master in sociology and PhD in urban geography. I studied photography nearly 40 years ago. I am preparing a book of photography entitled “Streets of the World and Their People” with short narratives accompanying the photos. I am a social photographer. ( I like to travel and meet the world with its streets and its people, but the part that responds to my interest, my vision and philosophy of life. These images are a look at someone's world, a journey into their space and their life; an attempt to build a a story without affection, but part of a social commitment.