Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Book / Fine Art

My Walk

  • Photographer
    Piotr Kucia
  • Agency / Studio
    Academy Of Fine Arts
  • Technical Info
    All Pictures Were Made With Handmade Pinholes, F 1:150, Film 6x6 800asa And Film 135 24x24mm.
  • Photo Date

In the implementation My Walk, I takes a personal odyssey (crosses countries for the last 13 years) and records images with my handmade camera obscura. The main subject of photographs are the areas of culture, man-made objects. The works are characterised by a dualistic nature, one can say, by the hybrid DNA. There is a gesture of reaching for classic photography, however, at the stage of the postproduction process I admits the arsenal of techniques of the digital image. It is an expression of rebellion and opposition to the surrounding landscape of high-resolution images.

Photographer, Cinematographer, Academic Lecturer, initiator and coordinator of many educational actions and projects based on innovation and new technologies. He graduated from the Faculty of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia. In 2013 obtained the title of PhD in film arts for the photographic project ā€˛Beethoven-Metamorphosisā€¯ using an innovative technique of recording high resolution in a wide gamut. The project was recognized at international photographic competitions. He is an initiator and originator of AXORINSPIRATIONS. Board member of the Association of Polish Photography