Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Portfolio / Fine Art

Still Life With Mostly Magnolia

  • Photographer
    Shibaji Saha
  • Technical Info
    Camera:fujigx680iii; Lens: Fujinon Gx210 And 135mm; Film: Fuji Acros100 And Ilford Panf Plus 50
  • Photo Date
    June 24 2020

This Pandemic gave me an opportunity to work from home and this allowed me to observe Magnolias in my garden more closely than ever. Thus I took my very favorite camera FujiGX680III out from 4 years of rest to capture these still lives with whatever was available around the house. Enjoy!

I am fascinated by black and white photography - the magic of light and dark! This started in my late teens while exploring art scenes in Dhaka. After coming to the USA, I continued exploring about black and white photography. I discovered works of the legend Ansel Adams and Edward Weston among others. Although it’s mainly a hobby, I’ve still participated in different exhibitions and contests. I once won 3rd prize in a university wide photo contest while in graduate school in Illinois. Also submitted some recent work for a contest at LensCulture. Please see here: lensculture.com/shibaji