Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Nature / Underwater

Metallic Blue Beauty

  • Photographer
    Peter De Maagt
  • Technical Info
    1/400, F8, Iso 500,
  • Photo Date

Bryde’s whales are related to, but smaller than, the giant blue whale. As their geographical distribution is outside of the most common whaling grounds in higher latitudes, they were one of the most poorly understood baleen whale species. The back is generally a uniform grey or metallic blue without any distinct mottled pattern, which make them ideal models for photography. This particular beauty gives us the eye before it descents gracefully into the depths of the Indian Ocean.

Peter de Maagt is an enthusiastic underwater photographer/scuba diver who uses his images to promote conservation of our underwater world. His interest in diving and photography merged more than 20 years ago. Since then, this passion has taken him world-wide to experience the extremes of very cold and warm waters where he has had the privilege to experience different underwater biotopes. His photographs and articles have appeared in and on the cover of several underwater photography magazines and have been used by companies, websites and newspapers.