Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Nature / Flowers

It'S Like A Tiny But Beautiful Miracle------ Frozen Flowers

  • Photographer
    Minghang Lai
  • Technical Info
    I Used The Refrigerator At Home With Containers To Make Frozen Flowers Without A Teacher
  • Photo Date

It's like a tiny but beautiful miracle------ frozen flowers By chance, I used the refrigerator at home to make frozen flowers without a teacher. I live in the country, and there are many wild flowers growing in the fields. I picked the most beautiful flowers (some of them were bought) and frozen them in a container. After a day of waiting, before the finished product was taken out, I was full of curiosity: I don’t know what the results will be. That is the feeling of making frozen flowers. After freezing, bubbles are generated everywhere, and each group of flowers has different visual effects

My name is Lai Minghang. The principal of Taiwan Junior High School retired. I was born in 1949. My interests are tourism and photography. The types of photography are humanities, landscapes, insects, and birds. There are 8 solo exhibitions, 3 of which are in government offices.