Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Nature / Aerial


  • Photographer
    Stefano Degli Esposti
  • Technical Info
    Nikon Cameras D90, D610, Respectively Provided With Nikkor 28-300 Mm, 70-300 Mm
  • Photo Date
    19th August 2016

Abstract visions from my former aerial reportage flying over the desert area so called Desierto de los Monegros, around Zaragoza (Spain). This selection is one forth approx. of the entire work, showing animals (elk and tiger, squid, shark, deer horns, scorpion), plants (forest), characters (lovers, The Mad Hatter) and whatever I felt by looking at the world from miles above. An exciting way to experience the thrill of imagining without thinking.

Stefano Degli Esposti is a non-professional photographer who mostly loves to lose himself in metropolitan areas to play with modern architectural features to compose patterns from buildings details or clusters. He started from travel photography since very young and embraced many categories stepwise, often aimed by the search of abstract as a common thread of his artistic path. Imagination is the most important ingredient of his art, regardless the environment or the subject. His main exhibitions are based in Milan. Many works were published by magazines: Panorama, Gente di Fotografia.