Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Nature / Pets

Into The World of Horses

  • Photographer
    Todor Tilev
  • Technical Info
    Fuji X-20 , 50-230mm Fujinon Lens, Sensor Type: Cropped Sensor.
  • Photo Date
    23rd of November 2020

I like watching horses. Usually when I drive and if I see horses I pull out the car and watch them. I also bring my camera with me, just in case something happened. Horses are very graceful and beautiful animals. I like the way they express their love between them. Horses show affection for one another through vocalizations as well as by actions. They nicker to show happiness when greeting other horses, scratch to show affection, mutually groom one another as a sign of care and attention, bite each other and rest their heads over the necks of their mates.

Todor Tilev is Bulgarian Multi-Award Winning Photographer. Todor's pictures have been published worldwide. For the last few years Todor Tilev has won hundreds of Competitions and Awards at National and International level. His pictures have been featured in post cards, calendars, educational courses, websites, newspapers, TV, magazines and galleries.