Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Special Effects

Parallel Space

  • Photographer
    Yidan Lu
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My past memories always appear in my dreams as mixed up with my present life. The fields, the trails in the forest, the reefs in the ocean, and other places I have visited continue to extend in the depths of my memory along with my growth. It merges with my current life, squeezing out a new dimension. Sometimes I cannot use logic to explain why these two dimensions are intertwined in my dream. They are more like the echo of one world to another or the friction between lines. These seemingly unrelated landscapes are alternately stacked in the depths of my subconscious in a poetic way.

She is an artist. Upon Design graduation in 2017, she left Italy and started traveling to other countries. Decades of interdisciplinary exploration have enabled her to express art in various forms, such as painting, photography, video, installation, design, and performance art. Her rich life experience in dramatically different cultures has also given her work a wide range of topics such as particles, black holes, rhythm of music, religion, and philosophical exploration.