Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Landscape


  • Photographer
    Robert Bolton
  • Technical Info
    Fuji Gfx 50r With Gfx 100-200 @148mm 1/150 Sec @f8 Iso 100
  • Photo Date
    3rd May 2020

I was driving along the Snaefellsnes Peninsular in Western Iceland, just after a snow blizzard had finished. It was a minimal and monochromatic looking landscape, rather like a Sumi-e painting. I was captivated by the abstract shapes as the mountain range slowly emerged from the whiteout conditions; the horizon, sky and ground had disappeared leaving the bare bones of the landscape to stand firm in the wilderness. I had to pull over in the car and take some photographs. This is one of my favourites and it has not been converted to black and white.

My name is Robert Bolton and I am an amateur who tries his best to do Fine Art landscape and abstract photography, based in the UK. I love seascapes, minimalism and the 'otherworldly'. We create our reality and I like mine tranquil, reflective and as simple as possible.