Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Landscape

Within The Clouds

  • Photographer
    Dominique Weiss

This series "Within The Clouds" is intended to point out the current global situation. Our view on the future seems obscured and unclear. Which impact our everyday actions of our consumer society will have on the future can only be guessed. This uncertainty and volitility is to be represented in "Within The Clouds".

Dominique is an award winning amateur fine art photographer, highly passionate about dramatic alpine landscapes and corresponding storytelling. Playing with light and shadows, different perspectives and techniques to tell an emotionally captivating story is her signature. Dominique is located in central Switzerland and mostly photographs the Swiss and other European alps regions. She spends all of her free time hunting for "the moment" portraiying the beauty of the alps and addressing current social issues such as recentering, self-reflection and conservation.