Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Editorial / Photo Essay

A True Story

  • Photographer
    Mauro Mendula

It would be interesting to investigate the stratification of meanings and references among the multiple dimensions of the food in the philosophical tradition and how, together with it, the very concept of "truth"is ruminated. In fact, man does not only feed on organic foods, but also on impressions, sensations, images, thoughts and symbols. This is even more true today, at the time of the media empire, whose function (or fiction) is to cook reality, by indigestible precooked fragments. The microwave replaces metaphorically the TV, the menu is the artificial daily programming, and we feed on it

I was born in 1973, in Olbia (Sardinia, Italy). Since my childhood I have always been fascinated by music (I have studied theory and I still play) visual arts, but first of all photography. I lived the switchover to digital from analog at the end of my College. I graduated in Philosophy with a dissertation about the Aesthetic and Mystical experience. For years I have experienced, on the field, the theoretical and practical implications that the digital image has introduced in photographic art. I’m Finalist Author in the Prize for Creative Quality in Professional Photography ‘Tau Visual – Itali