Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Editorial / General News

Bergamo, Before The Night

  • Photographer
    Tomasz Waraksa
  • Technical Info
    Jpg, Black-white, 4288x2848, Shot With Fuji X100 Camera
  • Photo Date

Bergamo, Before the Night. The title came up only in retrospection, after the events of March 2020 when Bergamo, a charming little town at the feet of the Italian Alps came suddenly into the spotlight. One of the first epicenters of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe, the town lost an entire generation to the deadly disease. Shot during short holidays in the beginning of November, only a few weeks before the virus began its slow spread through Lombardy, Italy.

Tomasz Waraksa, amateur photographer living in Europe, passionate about black and white photography and old analogue cameras. Contact me at: tomasz@waraksa.net. Find my other photos at https://noir-blanc.eu