Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Architecture / Cityscapes

Silent Streets

  • Photographer
    Peter Ogden
  • Technical Info
    Iso200 - 24mm – F/8 – 1/20s
  • Photo Date
    15th August 2020

The Frenchs Forest Bushland Cemetery is one of the main cemeteries on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. The first burial took place on 24th April 1940 and there’s been plenty of residents since then...so many that it had to develop its own streets, roundabouts and road rules. The mausoleums look like row upon row of terraced housing. The arrow formed by the re-laid tarmac seems to beckon the residents - ”This way to the Light.”

Australia is a landscape unique in its savagery and spectacle. Being UK born, I first arrived in Perth and that first experience saw me in the Nambung National Park whilst using a big stick to fend off brown snakes. I was the art director on a commercial photography shoot – keeping one eye on the back of the camera, the other firmly on the red dirt around the tripod. That juxtaposition, the incredibly beautiful landscape combined with the incredibly scary natural critters, has fascinated me ever since.