Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Architecture / Buildings

Better Living

  • Photographer
    Peter F. Wingerter
  • Technical Info
    F13, 110 Sec, Canon 16mm
  • Photo Date
    december 2019

A rainy day in North Holland. On the jetty on an inland lake with the endless view into the fog. Quiet and peaceful living.

The photographing just happened somehow. She fell in my lap...Of course, I remember very well that I used to make pictures with a DSLR when I was a teenager travelling. But my interest in this medium changed when I visited an exhibition of the photographer Christopher Thomas in Munich with the title "New York sleeps". Pictures of New York without people, photographed with filters. The inspiration that emanated from these photographs led me to where I am today, with several years of experience and the desire to contribute to the global cultural landscape.I currently live in the near Luxemburg