Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Nature / Trees

Wistmans Tree

  • Photographer
    G.B. Smith
  • Technical Info
    24mm Lens, Nikon Z7, Iso 64, F22 @ 1/10th Second Exposure
  • Photo Date
    Oct 2019

Taken in early Autumn on top of the remote and beautifully desolate Dartmoor in Devon England, near the ancient Wistman's Wood.

G.B. Smith’s photography journey began over 40 years ago as a teenager learning the fundamentals of the craft in the darkroom and with large plate cameras. A truly global citizen, having lived on four continents he now resides in Maryland, USA and combines extensive Internation travel with a passion for Fine Art Photography. “I distill an image down to its uncluttered form and contrasts, seeking to highlight perceived patterns and flows. This is why I often use black and white and minimalist imagery, where less is often more"