Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Advertising / Self-Promotion

35 Years Old Breitling - Digital Restoration

  • Photographer
    Daniele Micheli Gigotti
  • Technical Info
    90 Mm - Iso 100 - 1/160th Second - F8 - 8647 X 5765 Pixels - Sony A7r Iv
  • Photo Date
    June 17th 2020

Final image obtained by merging multiple macro photos taken while moving the focus plan to keep everything in focus and obtain the maximum level of detail. The watch is 35 years old and, as any old product, it is full of scratches and micro flaws that are maybe invisible to naked eye, but huge when photographed at very high resolution. Once I saw the amount of visible flaws in the final image, I decided to start a digital restoration of it and this is the final result.