Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Portrait

Two Realities Or When Death Comes

  • Photographer
    Veronika K Ko
  • Technical Info
    Canon 5d, 85 Mm, 1/80, F2; Single Shot, No Tripod, No Double Expose, No Photoshop
  • Photo Date

A kid felt asleep while explored a dead coral, found on the beach. The children faces are expressive during the sleep. Sometimes serious, sometimes smiling, sometimes seems like they are far away, flown beyond, on the wings of their souls, in their imaginary, fairy and unknown worlds.. May be this little girl is dreaming about corals?! May be in her dreams she can see them colourful, dancing under the water, just like her mother explained ? Unfortunately, many corals are dying due to sea pollution or global warming. I hope, that our children will have possibility to see corals alive!