Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Other

Andromeda Syndrome

  • Photographer
    Stepan Chubaev
  • Technical Info
    Photographs Can Be Represented According To The Exhibition Space Goals.
  • Photo Date

Andromeda Syndrome is a rare mental disorder that affects people with fragile soul and bright eyes, as well as those who are acutely aware of the presence of invisible spots on white paper. Those who have experienced attacks compare with the physical struggle of color and form in abstract spaces. Each subsequent image in the series illustrates a new step of pathology, moving away from the real world, and approaching the world of hallucinations.

Stepan Chubaev hails from the cultural capital of Russia, Saint Petersburg. Stepan became interested in photography and art at the early age. He managed to practise at the Art school, study at the Press Photography Faculty and attend lectures at the State Russian Museum in the evenings while being a gymnasium student. Significant educational background allows Chubaev to experiment with different visual media. He is trying to overcome the cliches and develop unique artistic point of view on ordinary objects.