Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Landscape

High Noon

  • Photographer
    Marek Boguszak
  • Technical Info
    1/80 S, Iso 64, F/9, Full Frame
  • Photo Date
    November 2019

The things you see here are not visible to the naked eyes in the world outside. When you look at a landscape, you perceive an impressive whole; well-kept fields, beautiful valleys, distant horizons, dramatic sky. But the naked eye won’t make out the intricate structure of a faraway patch of land. It won’t find the scenery presentd at different angles. It won‘t register its full color palette or even complementary colors. These things can be found in the work you see.

Marek and Magda Boguszak is a Prague-based photography duo. Marek experienced a long photographic journey from analog B&W photography to digital color abstract artifacts. His wife Magda played an essential role in developing their unique visual abstract vocabulary and nowadays they act as a duo. Recently, the duo has created a body of work from their multiple journeys in the deserts of Death Valley and Abu Dhabi. Boguszak’s sophisticated processing images emphasize on colorful lights with pure harmonious shapes.