Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Collage

What I Am...

  • Photographer
    Irina Petrova
  • Technical Info
    Sony Alpha Nex-6, Iso 400, 1/60 S; Sel1855, F/5.
  • Photo Date

What is under my skin? I think I am a robot, a machine following someone’s code, or living in an awkward simulation. I doubt the reality of existence. I want to break rules of the game, to destroy illusion, to look inside myself, to uncover what is under my skin, to know WHAT I AM...

Irina Petrova is an internationally published and award winning photographer and artist. She specializes in wild life micro-photography and science fiction inspired installations organically integrating living and artificial entities. A unique feature of her work is she only uses retro manual focus lenses to share the wonders of the world. She has won a substantial number of awards and prizes, including 3 recent awards in BIFA 2020, winner of FEP Awards 2021 Nature Golden Camera and ND Discovery of the Year in category Nature 2019.