Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Collage

Femmes De La Natur

  • Photographer
    Bella Von Einsiedel

A still growing series about the environmental impact of mankind. The female body as a symbol of mother nature. About man-made forest fires and the extinction of endangered animal species. The lives of humans and animals in our hands. About dying oceans and changes in climate, such as heat and drought. Created in a surreal and beautiful way.

In 2009 Bella discovered her passion for portrait photography and created her own photographic signature during the coming years.Her works show surreal worlds,some of them are fantastically and some a kind of bizarre.Her works have received several international awards,including several gold,silver&bronze medals.Live interviews,publications and exhibitions of individual works followed.Since 2016 Bella is volunteering in the German foundation "Dein Sternenkind" and gives parents photos of their deceased children.On the international photography site 1x.com she is working as a curator since 2018