Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Nudes

Descent to Heaven

  • Photographer
    Aitor Del Arco
  • Technical Info
    30'', Iso 100, 11f, Aps-c Cropped Sensor. Lens: 50mm 1.8f & 35mm 2.0f.
  • Photo Date

I'd have died looking out to sea. Carrying the story of a normal life and on the back the weight of someone whose mere existence was enough. I'd fallen from the sky because that was never my place. I'd have died looking out to sea. Young. But naked in front of him I felt freedom. I who always cursed the enslaving world had turned out to be my own jailer. I knew that it wasn't necessary to die to stop living. That sometimes it's enough to be naked in front of the sea to remember that we are free. As I speak to you I realize that I didn't fall from the sky, I descended to him. Now this is my hea

I am a student of audiovisual communication at the University of Burgos. I have always felt passion for photography, so after studying 3D design and animation I started studying audiovisual communication. I would love that on some occasion photography can become my full-time job and become a director of photography.