Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Portfolio / Personal

Title: ¿bullfighting; A Cultural Tradition?

  • Photographer
    Jose Ney Mila Espinosa
  • Agency / Studio

The fight in ancient Rome between gladiators as a show began in 264 a. c. and lasted until its total suspension in 404 d. C. For more than 600 years it was synonymous with celebrations as culture of the territories dominated by Rome. A fight to the death between human beings against dangerous animals as a popular and traditional spectacle. Bullfighting also with its origins before Christ, has lasted until today with certain changes in some of the countries where it was introduced as a festive cultural event. However, it is very similar to the Roman arena and the confrontation to death....

José Ney Milá Espinosa. (Jose Ney) Nació en La Habana, Cuba. 1959. Reside en España desde 1995. Reside en EE.UU. desde 2010. He has been selected for solo and group exhibitions in spaces such as the Southeast Museum of Photography Daytona and the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Tampa, Florida; The Latino Museum, Omaha, Nebraska; Richmond Hall / The Menil Collections and The Museum of Fine Arts, in Houston; Downey Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California. USA.; The Witte Museum, San Antonio, Texas. USA, Museum of Fine Arts of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Tambo Quirquincho Museum...