Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Portrait

Dream On

  • Photographer
    Kaat Stieber
  • Agency / Studio
    Kaat Stieber Photography
  • Technical Info
    Studio Photography - Digital Composing
  • Photo Date
    february 2020

After an intense period where I took care of my dear father, silence came after his last breath and I had to go back to daily life in a world that was new to me Time stood still for 6 months while your flowers remained white in the warm summer sun. A season passed by like a dream, they say life goes on. I just dream on Presented in round shape, which reminds me of the circle of life created in loving memory

Kaat Stieber is a fine art photographer who weaves the worlds of surrealism and noble Dutch art into her images. Mixing her broad set of creative skills with an internationally acclaimed background in theatre and costume design, her photos are assembled with vast craftmanship. Kaat's works of art resemble tableaus from the Dutch Golden Age, a rich realm of paintings and a constant source of identification. An admiration of surrealists adds to the scene.