Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Special Effects


  • Photographer
    Merche Moriana
  • Photo Date
    16 november 2020

"Silence" is a self-portrait that represents the conflict between the emotion of speaking or the reason to be silent. The mental process of judging the paradox between exposing the true essence of my being or presenting myself as a neutral being that decomposes with the perception of the other individual. My hands are in disagreement, the right hand is in a gesture of silence and the left hand is holding it in an effort to avoid it. The neutral expression symbolizes the already chosen option of silence and the blurred effect represents the decomposition of my soul as a result of this choice.

Merche Moriana (1994, Spain) I am a photographer and visual artist currently living in Seville. My work is inspired by my own experiences and is influenced by nature, Renaissance painting, music and the beauty of emotions as something ephemeral. I use photography as a tool for personal expression and treats my images to insinuate mystery. My works are full of colours, textures and elements that make each image a unique piece. I am currently working on my personal art project and on the creation of educational content about digital retouching and colour correction in photography.