Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Editorial / Photo Essay

Urban Elements

  • Photographer
    Michael Nguyen
  • Agency / Studio
  • Photo Date

Architecture is part of a cultural landscape created by man. Diverse associations lead the viewer on a journey into the inner life of our soul where we recognize the walls and frames of our being. For Michael Nguyen the artistic component in architectural photography deliberately interprets a building differently from reality. For this purpose Nguyen uses the tools of digital image processing. Michael Nguyen often works with strong contrasts, hard structures, a coarse grain, in some motifs a light haze. This leads the viewer into a generally rather dark and cold world.

Michael Nguyen is a “publicity shy” (Merkur daily newspaper Munich) photo artist, a photographic poet who moves away from the mainstream, at the same time blurs genres. "Most of the photos could only be taken because Nguyen has a special eye for his surroundings and gives even the mundane a second view." (Süddeutsche Zeitung) "With my camera, I capture little things that we often don't notice in everyday life. I also like to observe people and photograph them in everyday situations“.