Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Portfolio / Personal

Darkroom Camera In Giroux Daguerreotype Camera Style

  • Photographer
    Yugo Ito
  • Agency / Studio
    Ito Photo Studio
  • Technical Info
    Fujifilm Gfx50s
  • Photo Date

This is a self-built darkroom camera in Giroux daguerreotype camera style. Giroux Daguerreotype camera was the first commercially-produced camera in the world (1839, Paris). I drew its plan and built it on my own. And literally, this darkroom camera can be in use as a darkroom and a camera. Inside this darkroom camera, I can both take and develop a Daguerreotype / Wet and Dry Plate Collodion photo. This darkroom camera was built inside a photo studio. In other words, I am going to launch a new service for customers of my photo studio.

He grew up as the 4th generation of a family-owned photo studio. He has mainly taken Daguerreotype, Wet plate collodion process and Dry plate collodion process photographs for his customers with his hand-made large format camera. But, since 2019, he has started to build a huge portable darkroom camera in Giroux Daguerreotype camera style in the photo studio. Customers can get inside the darkroom camera and also witness how their photo that this darkroom camera takes is developed with a photographer. He has also got interviewed for Asahi Newspaper and Kyodo News about the darkroom camera.