Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Advertising / Travel/Tourism

10:42 Am

  • Photographer
    Kent Olsson
  • Agency / Studio
    Kent Olsson
  • Technical Info
    X1d - Xcd 120
  • Photo Date

I woke up one morning in January to a full blizzard and got the idea for the picture when I went out onto the wheat field next to the railroad. There was snow all the way up to my waist and I knew the train would be coming soon - if it managed to keep to the timetable. I wanted to convey the speed the train had, despite the snowstorm and after the train passed, I was completely covered by all the snow from the train. I was pretty close to the railway track!

Kent Olsson from Västerås, Sweden, is an internationally awarded photographer who specializes in artistic landscape photography. His style is characterized by the Nordic light and melancholy. The images contain a painterly light and the atmosphere in the pictures resembles more about a graphic expression than just photographs. His images have been published as reproductions and in different publications all over the world. As a former water color artist he develops his interest in its details and textures in landscape.