Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Collage

Dark Sides

  • Photographer
    Melanie Haberkorn
  • Agency / Studio
    Melanie Haberkorn
  • Technical Info
    Pictures Were Captured With A Hasselblad X1d And Composed In Photoshop.
  • Photo Date
    From March 2020 till October 2020

The series „Dark Sides“ deals with bad experiences and - unsuccessful - coping mechanisms. The pictures of this project are deliberately kept minimalistic with a deep black background. The depicted people are anonymous: they are covered, turned upside down or shown from behind while their "dark Sides" are exposed.

Melanie Haberkorn wants her photography to be artistically expressive. She quotes: 'Unlike linear art like prose, poetry or music, a photograph displays everything „at once“ but can still send the viewer on a little journey to gradually discover what the picture is really about." Melanie Haberkorn is a graduate of the Photo Academy Cologne. After working as a criminal defense attorney she decided to study photography in 2013. She lives and works as a freelance artist in Cologne.