Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 People / Portrait


  • Photographer
    Jakob Dall
  • Agency / Studio
    Jakob Dall Photography
  • Photo Date

Aminit Namonio (6) helps her dad fishing in lake Turkana in Kenya, after her older brother was shot by the Ethiopian Daddanesh tribe men, while he was fishing. Aminit is scarred of when the tribesmen come back and fear for her life when fishing. Today they caught 2 fish and a The Nile monitor (Varanus niloticus) is one of Africa's largest lizards. Foodsecurity is very unstable in the area because of climate change impacts and its not every day her family gets fish in the net. The family can’t afford to pay the school fee, so Aminit helps in the household, fetching water and finding firewood.

Jakob Dall is a freelance photojournalist with a degree from the Danish School of Journalism. He is based in Copenhagen and works as a photojournalist and photoeditor for several daily newspapers and magazines worldwide. Jakob Dall´s photo stories mainly focus on how individuals are affected by events which often receive little media coverage. Through his photos of people from areas of conflict, disaster and crisis he wishes to show the faces and the realities of life in areas that need attention and help from the international community.