Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 People / Portrait

Marykay´s Last Portrait, Nmb, South Carolina.

  • Photographer
    Ana Nance
  • Agency / Studio
    Ana Nance Photography
  • Technical Info
    Color Photograph Shot By Hasselblad 501c With A Digital Cfv Back And A 80mm Carl Zeiss Lens.
  • Photo Date
    June 2018

In the USA the ritual of baptism is performed. It is common for the subject to be dressed in white and participate in the emergence of water, cleansing their body and soul, passing them into another stage of life. This is my stepmother, whom poses in the Ocean at the very same spot where I spent many moments as a child. Her pose is a tribute to my father; she is copying a portrait I shot of him, just before his death from cancer. These portraits are a way of baptising my family — not with religion but with remembrance, gratitude and love. This is her last portrait she died from cancer in Oct.